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We are a couple of New England growers that take pride and get great satisfaction in breeding and selecting the best specimens by combining tried and trued old school gardening methods with updated science and new technology to create new and interesting varieties of the cannabis plant. Our number 1 selection focus is always top quality.

Our goal is to facilitate as well as educate. Knowledge is power and with the right knowledge and genetics anyone should be able to grow high quality cannabis flowers.

Our genetics have been in test for close to 20 years now grown by local farmers and indoor hobbyist in the North East US as well developing strains that have been featured exclusively by some major dispensaries in Colorado. We do extensive testing not only of parents and progeny but also germination testing to ensure that seed batches are always viable.

To aid in our selection process we utilize the services of a ISO-17025 accredited testing facility to perform High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) for cannabinoid analysis, and potency screenings. This information is invaluable in lettings us know which parents meet our expectations and allow us to reproduce with only the best plants. But the charts, numbers and graphs are only one of our tools. There is no substitute for keen nose and a knowledgeable eye which is what we bring to the table. Let us help you grow better.


Do you live in Massachusetts and want to grow your own herbs?

We also offer consulting services and assistance in room design and setup. We can help you complete a grow from seed to harvest and through your trim and cure. We can show you the right and wrong ways of going about a grow whether it be soil, hydroponics or aeroponics. 

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for information or to setup a free initial consultation.



All seeds are sold for souvenir purpose. We only ship to the US. While cannabis is legal for recreational purpose in our great state of MA and a lot of other states in the US, it is still illegal federally and in many other states so we cannot answer questions on or encourage you to germinate and grow these seeds. They make an excellent gourmet bird food, or fishing bait for some native species of trout. If your birds happen to drop some in your garden or some spill out of your tackle box and grow into a nice healthy plant, our pictures may help you to identify the particular variety. We are happy to provide information on origins and parental makeup to assist you in selection during a pheno hunt or just trying to identify a particular phenotype.


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